Big Savings for Easy Live Auction Bidder

Author: Belle Gait

Sam Cox, far better known as Mr Doodle was born in 1994 in Kent. He started drawing at the age of nine and couldn’t resist scribbling on anything he could touch. One such doodle recently went under the hammer with Burstow and Hewett Auctioneers on 15th October. The vendor was a family friend of the famed artist; the unique and rare lot was an acrylic on canvas entitled ‘Jungle Book’. Originally estimated at £7,000 – £10,000 this 18” by 14” canvas, signed by the very ‘Doodle Man’ himself, was consigned to the sale.

Lot 1334 in Burstow & Hewett’s 14-15th October Sale

When the time came for this work of art to shine, the auction house itself was empty with all of the customers having left; however, this lot did not disappoint. The competition was fierce with both bidders from and our Easy Live Auction platform going toe to toe. Numbers began to rise to the joy of the vendor and Burstow and Hewett alike, and soon, the bids were in the tens of thousands. In the end, of course, the best bidder won, using our incredible Easy Live Auction live bidding platform to secure the canvas for £55,000!

Certainly, this turned out to be a massive win all around – with the buyer able to bid significantly higher safe in the knowledge they would only spend £3 no matter how high the bidding went! It turns out that by using the Easy Live Auction platform rather than, the winning bidder actually saved £3,264! Of course, a portion of these savings were in turn passed on the auction house as the buyer knew they were spending less on fees, they were able to put more money towards their actual bids; this meant that more money went to the auction house and in turn their commission was significantly higher and of course, the vendor saw a much greater amount safely nestled in their pocket as well!

It’s simple to see why is seen as the preferred platform for auction houses, vendors and buyers to use! Please contact us to take the first step on your journey to using the most powerful bidding platform on the market.

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